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Not My Language, Not My Problem: The Relegation of Pacific Languages to the Private Sphere

Katherine Werry

The Road to Realising Modern Vehicular Responsibility: How Should New Zealand Respond to Criminal Liability Issues Related to Driverless Vehicles?

Keeha Oh

Transability in New Zealand

Liam Dalton

The Adoption Act 1955: The Statutory Guillotine from Tikanga and Whakapapa

Jessica Macdonald & Maddie Story

The Admission of Risk Assessment Tools in Cases Where A Primary Victim Uses Lethal Force in Self-Defence

Rebecca Scoggins

When Silence Isn’t Golden: How the Silencing Effect of Speech Provides Justification for the Speech Regulation

Katherine Werry

Deductibility of Holding Costs for Privately Used Land Taxable on Sale

Jillin Yan

Digital Strip Search: Privacy Concerns Arising from the Electronic Device Search Provision in the Customs and Excise Act 2018

Winnie Chau