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“Something Weird”: An Examination of Parliamentary Involvement in New Zealand’s Treaty-making Process

Thomas Riley

Surgical Intervention on Intersex Infants: Legal Issues and Recommendations for New Zealand

Emily McGeorge

Is “Defensive Practice” Defensible? Chilling Effects and Responsible Administration with Regard to Public Authority Negligence Claims in New Zealand

Louis Norton

Taking the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to Court: Prosecuting ISIS’s Crimes in Iraq and Syria

Lourenzo Fernandez

Not Sold on the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013: How Housing Legislation in New Zealand Ignores our Pacific People on the Peripheries

Lola Gorrell

Acts, Omissions, and the Doctrine of Double Effect: The Law and Ethics of End-of-Life Choice in New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Hannah Yang 

Adjournment for Restorative Justice Process in Certain Cases: Is Domestic Violence an Appropriate Case?

Ling Ye

“Would Not Normally Legislate”: Brexit and Conventions

Aaron Kirkpatrick

[Re]Location, [Re]Location, [Re]Location: Considering the Non-Applicant Parent Relocating Alongside the Child and Applicant Parent in a Relocation Dispute

Elizabeth Murray


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