(2014) 1 PILJNZ


Sian Elias


Jayden Houghton


Fisheries, Forests, and the Common Heritage of Mankind

Andrew Pullar

Non-Governmental Organisations and International Environmental Law: The Search for Legitimacy

Joy Twemlow

Downsizing Rights: Why the ‘Minimum Core’ Concept in International Human Rights Law Should be Abandoned  

Max Harris

No Learner Left Behind: Is New Zealand Meeting its Obligations under Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?

Philippa Moran

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: A Step Forward or Two Back?

Laura MacKay

Matrimonial Property Rights on Indian Reserves and Māori Land: A Comparative Study

Hannah Cobb

Sentencing the Silent: Children’s Rights and the Dilemma of Maternal Imprisonment

Annaliese Johnston

Violent Girls and the Youth Justice System: Why Current Systems are Failing This At Risk Population

Charlotte Best

Does the Gillick Competency Test Apply in New Zealand, Given the Special Nature of Sexual Health Care Services?

Chantelle Murley

An Analysis of New Zealand’s Abortion Law System and a Guide to Reform

Hugo Farmer

Balancing Rights on a Knife Edge: the Legality of Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision

Phoebe Harrop

Is There a Legal Right to Pain Relief in New Zealand?

Philip Arnold