Article submissions for Issue 7 (2020) are now closed. Please like our Facebook page to remain updated. Submissions for Issue 8 will open around April 2021.

We publish articles that are well-researched, demonstrate interesting and unique insight into issues of public concerns, and provide an original and substantial contribution to wider scholarly discourse. The Journal’s articles are reviewed by a board of esteemed legal scholars across Aotearoa who hold expertise in a range of substantive areas of public interest law. You can read articles previously published by the journal here. We also publish our articles at HeinOnline.

Articles submitted to this Journal should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The article must have been written when the author was an undergraduate law student from a New Zealand law school.
  • The article should have been submitted and graded as part of a law course. The article may be updated to represent changes in law, to correct minor issues or to address supervisor comments. However, the argument should remain fairly the same.
  • The article should be 2,500–15,500 words in length, including footnotes and abstract.
  • The article should include an abstract of no more than 300 words.
  • All footnotes and citations should comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide.
  • The article should not have been previously published elsewhere.


For your article to be considered, please email the following documents with the subject heading “Submission – [your name]” to

  • Completed article submission form;
  • Your paper in Microsoft Word format;
  • Your anonymised paper in PDF format; and
  • Any feedback or comments received from your supervisor or marker. This is optional but will assist in the article selection process.

The submission form will be available once applications open.

Please format your submission as a publishable article. This means there should be no acknowledgements page, table of contents and bibliography. Appendices are acceptable as long as it is used for the arguments made.

To ease sending the submissions to the Academic Reviewer(s), please anonymise the PDF version of your submission. The format and content should be exactly the same as the submission in Word format. The file name of the PDF version should be the article title. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the Editors-in-Chief using the email address given above.